​Welcome to Strategic Bodywork

Each of our therapists specialize in different modalities and techniques, so browse through our list of therapists and find the one that is right for you. We have therapists that specialize in treating chronic and acute pain, whether you have a sore neck from working on the computer or you are a weekend warrior recovering from injury. We also provide sessions designed specifically to relax, sooth, and regenerate your nervous system. Our highly trained therapists will listen to your specific needs and work with you to accomplish your goals. All of our therapists are CMTC certified, trained in Deep Tissue, and Swedish massage.

Meet our Therapists!

Each of our Therapists sets their own rates according to their skill set and experience level.

What kind of pressure can I expect to receive?

My range of pressure can be anywhere from very gentle, to very deep. What is used in the session relies entirely on what the client is asking for. I would say I generally I work with medium to firm pressure in my sessions. 

What modalities do you use the most?

I practice Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release, but I also can integrate Table Thai sessions that increase mobility, warming, stretching and lengthening. I have had great success with restoring hip, neck and lumbar mobility with some of the deeper work and Myofascial Release techniques that come within my Thai style massage.

What got you into bodywork?

I have a great appreciation of the human skeletal musculature which blossoms from my active hobbies and self care practice which include Boxing/ Muay Thai, yoga, resistance training and calisthenics. I also worked in the service and hospitality industry for a number of years and built up a number of repetitive stress issues, particularly in my shoulder and neck. Through Massage Therapy, and my experience working at a Chiropractor’s office, I’ve learned how important the role of good posture as well as ergonomics are, and how bodywork can help the structural integrity of the body and ultimately pain reduction. 

What other elements of you life do you bring to your bodywork?

I firmly believe in the words of Ida Ralph that “Where you think it is, it aint”. In other words “Where the pain is, the problem isn’t”. I work deliberately and sensitively on the area which is sore or tight, with the aim of opening to allow space at the root causing the pain.

Zachariah Brown
60min Massage - $100


75min Massage - $125


90min Massage - $145

What kind of pressure can I expect to receive?

I usually give medium to firm pressure but it all depends on what the client wants and what their body needs. I focus on making sure the client feels safe and relaxed, while receiving the level of pressure they are asking for. I check in throughout the session to make sure the client is enjoying the level of pressure I am giving. 

What modalities do you use the most?

I practice Esalen massage, deep tissue, pre and post natal, craniosacral therapy and reiki. Sometimes I like to use a combination if that’s what the client asks for. My most common used combination is Esalen and deep tissue massage.

What got you into bodywork?

A number of years ago I had a medical event that really brought my self care into focus. I donated my kidney to my best friend. I found that bodywork was extremely helpful in getting myself prepared for surgery and supporting me through recovery. Bodywork helped me with the stress I felt surrounding the procedure, to relax during the recovery process and it allowed my body to heal at a faster rate. 

Receiving massage and energy work inspired me to go to massage school because it had been so instrumental in my recovery and it helped me to tune into myself as a whole being.

Kelsey Webb
60min Massage - $110


75min Massage - $130


90min Massage - $150
120min Massage - $200

What other elements of you life do you bring to your bodywork?

My yoga, dance and meditation practice seems to flow directly into my bodywork practice. I’ve also been a farmer for almost a decade and my connection to the earth keeps me grounded and present when working with my clients. How I connect and communicate with others brings flow and presence to my practice.

“I have gone to Kelsey with stress-induced lower back and sacral tension that I have been experiencing on and off for several years. I have seen multiple bodyworkers but Kelsey has been the most successful at pin-pointing my areas of tension and guiding my body back to a state of relaxation. Most recently, I went to Kelsey with a running-induced IT band injury. Kelsey worked with me through several sessions and got me back up and running. I recommend her to anyone!”


-Hannah Morrish 


What kind of pressure can I expect to receive?

I typically work between the range of medium to firm pressure. I like to stay away from a level of pressure that a client would consider painful or a level where a client feels guarded. Regardless of the level of pressure, I want my clients to feel relaxed as much as possible. If a client is working through an injury or some type of chronic pain there can be some discomfort but I always want to make sure my clients feel safe and relaxed.

What modalities do you use the most?

I use a combination of deep tissue, myofascial  release, trigger point and Swedish. 

What got you into bodywork?

I got into body work due to my own path of relieving chronic low back pain that was hindering me from many of my favorite activities. After trying many modalities, I found deep tissue massage by far the most relieving.

Diana Moskowitz
60min Massage - $110


75min Massage - $135


90min Massage - $155

"Diana did an awesome job. She has a wealth of knowledge about bodies and muscles. My back which has been tight and slightly tweeked for the last several weeks feels a ton better! I will definitely be visiting again."

                                                          - Rachel V.

What other elements of you life do you bring to your bodywork?

I also work as personal trainer and have been very active my adult life. I like to bring my knowledge of strength and flexibility training to my clients in order to find long lasting relief.  

What kind of pressure can I expect to receive?

I typically work between the range of medium to firm pressure. Sometimes sessions call for very firm pressure, but I stay in clear communication with my client to make sure we don't get to a level of pressure that a client would consider painful or where a client feels guarded. 

What modalities do you use the most?

Most of my sessions use a combination of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports massage, and a variety of techniques I have developed over the years in my private practice.

What got you into bodywork?

My previous career was as a professional baseball player for the Seattle Mariners, which was cut short by a shoulder injury. From that experience I understand the disappointment and despair that can take over when you can't physically do the things you love to do. The healing of that shoulder injury lead me down a path to recovery, and while it was too late to save my baseball career it did inspire me to become a massage therapist. While I work with many injuries and troublesome joints, that is why I specialize in shoulders.

Haley Winter

60min Massage - $130
75min Massage - $165


90min Massage - $195

What is your philosophy when working with clients?

No two people are the same, and so no two sessions should be the same. Every session is an opportunity to learn about how your body and its patterns are put together. I focus on discovering the root of the discomfort and how to unwind it.

"I went to Strategic Bodywork on a couple friends' recommendations of the amazing work Haley had done for them, specifically especially around healing/work with stress/tightness/athletic injuries/etc. Haley was thoughtful, listened to everything I wanted to share, and gave me an amazing experience. I felt really comfortable, taken care of, and much better (sports injuries and work-related tightness in my hips and shoulders) after the appointment. Very grateful that I got the recommendation."

                                                                             - M.G.